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Here you can find the best maintenance and painting garage door tips. Clever tips about garage doors! They can help you deal with their issues faster and better

Get rolling code remotes

By working with more than one radio frequency, new remote controls are more reliable. Choosing remotes with the technology of rolling codes will keep you safer since codes change every time you open the door according to our specialists in Montebello. There are more than 4 billion code combinations and so copying by strangers would be impossible.

Don't replace one extension spring alone

When one of the extension springs for garage doors is damaged, it's always preferable to replace them both. This way, you'll be sure that the door will be lifted evenly on both sides. Otherwise, the load of the door will fall mostly on the new spring and they will both be damaged very quickly.

Choose the best opener accessories

Decide whether you prefer a garage door clicker or a wireless keypad but in either case make sure to get rolling code technology units. Make sure the opener has light detectors and wall consoles and remember that timers as well as alert systems are also helpful. The battery backup system will also be very valuable.

Know the Specifications

Knowing the specifications of your garage door could be very helpful, especially when you are out in the store and you have to get something for it, such as parts or replacements. This would save a lot of time and make things easier for you in those times when your garage door has problems and you need to make repairs.

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